Traditional fraud detection techniques fail to uncover collusion between different entities
involved in a claim fraud. Discovering the ring requires joining a number of tables in a complex
schema such as Accidents, Vehicles, Owners, Drivers, Passengers, Pedestrians, Witnesses,
Providers, and joining these together multiple times— once per potential role— in order to
uncover the full picture. Fraud cases missed due to lack of rules leveraging social networks can
cause large dent to the exchequer of an insurer eroding shareholder value.

Key Features

Hybrid approach for Fraud detection – Simple Business Rules as well Social network based rules

Model multiple business entities in a claim along with their relationships

Leverage Graph data science for community detection

Simple investigation UI to for alert disposition

Advanced investigation capability for entities linked to a claim

Ability to define modify rules

Historical analysis of alerts to optimize rules

What benefit will it provide?

Unearth hidden fraudulent claims improving detection and increasing fraud investigation

Why is it required?

When it comes to identifying complicated fraud, including links between many parties, traditional
fraud detection tools hardly scratch the surface.
In addition, the bandwidth needed for inquiry is a headache due to false positives from older

What does it do?

IntelliDetect empowers Fraud Investigation Units with a tool that not only runs automated rules
but also provides all the information required for investigation at their fingertips.