Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Data is the fuel for innovation, and AI can be seen as the engine that processes this fuel to uncover new insights that can propel organisations to leadership positions and stand out from the competition.

AI can help organizations bring disruption in various ways of doing business through its application across departmental use-cases that can bring in operational efficiencies and improved customer experience.

Our Capabilities

We provide consulting and implementation services over a wide range of Analytics, AI & ML platforms including OOTB OEM platforms, Cloud Services and Open Source technologies.

Machine Learning

Fraud Detection, Customer Intelligence, Predicting Asset Failure

Natural Language Processing

Sentiment Detection, Response Generation, Text-based Search

Computer Vision

KYC, Product Inspection, Object Detection, Emotion Detection

Why Datacurate?

Digital Transformation

Industry Domain Expertise
Timely & Quality Delivery