Data Management & Insights

Data Management & Insights

Data Management and Insights

We help organizations realise their vision of data-enabled transformation into reality. We offer consulting & implementation services for the following data-centric initiatives:

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Governance
  • Data Catalog
  • Data Integration & Data Quality
  • Streaming Data Processing
  • Data Visualization & Insights

Our Capabilities

We offer implementation services on a wide-range of  platforms including out-of-the-box OEM platforms and open-source technologies

Strategy & Design

We help in formulating design strategies & models for Systems of Intelligence namely; data lakes, modern data warehouses, lakehouses etc. and Systems of Engagement i.e. modern visualization platforms

Core Implementation

We provide implementation services leveraging the latest project development methodologies (AGILE, DevOps) with a focus on automation.


We provide maintenance and support services for existing data systems and systems implemented by us.

Why Datacurate?

Digital Transformation

Industry Domain Expertise
Timely & Quality Delivery