Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation

For organizations looking to optimize Infrastructure costs or build an environment that fosters innovation, Cloud is the go-to mantra.

Cloud offers organizations greater agility to experiment & innovate, enables disruption of archaic methods & conventional thinking and provides access to a marketplace of the latest technologies & services to choose from.

We help organizations lay out a roadmap for phased Lift-&-Shift migration, Application Refactoring, and Rebuild or Repurpose of on-premise data-centric systems & applications on the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Transformation

Business Agility

Minimizes infrastructure procurement lead times significantly

Drives Innovation

Opens doors to latest and best-of-breed software & platforms to build innovative solutions

Cost Optimisation

Flexible pricing options such as on-demand and spot-pricing, so that customers only pay for what they use

Why Datacurate?

Digital Transformation

Industry Domain Expertise
Timely & Quality Delivery